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    Where is my seller portal?

    Your seller portal becomes available when your FIRST item goes live. You can access the portal with the email address you provided Paisley Lion.

    How long does my item stay listed?

    We offer unlimited listing time. We allow you to keep it listed until it's sold!

    What brands do you accept?

    If your brand or item is not placed on our temporary "No Take List" you may send your qualified fashion item(s) for listing.

    Do my items need to be season appropriate?

    Season appropriate does help your item sell more quickly. We offer unlimited selling time. You may send any season at anytime!

    How does payout work?

    Payout is 2-times a month! 1st and 15th. We send payments via PayPal. There are no fees to accept PayPal payments from Paisley Lion.

    How long is processing time?

    Each box will begin processing on your appointment date. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for full implementation to our site, portal and all cross listing sites. An email is sent when we begin.

    Do shipping labels cost money?

    Shipping labels are free and valid for a max of 50 lbs. Labels may be requested via appointment. One label per appointment.

    What happens if my items are not accepted?

    Following our "No Take List" and "Acceptance Policy" pages can help reduce rejected items. An email of any rejected item(s) will be emailed upon completion. Your rejected item(s) will be returned via UPS.
    How should I check for damage?
    To reduce item rejects we suggest the following tips.
    • Use bright lights like a ring light when reviewing your items.
    • White is the most frequent color that stains are missed.
    • Check inside and out of the garment.
    • Check buttons, zippers and pockets.
    • Check armpits inside and out for sweat and deodorant.
    • Check the crotch inside and out.
    • Jeans (buttons, zippers, pocket corners on butt).
    • Oil spots and snags in silk and silk-like fabrics.
    • Small holes from over worn fabrics.
    • Fabric fading and pilling.
    • Torn and/or snagged lace and tulle.