Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, Every Day

As Earth Day has come and gone this year, we want to remind everyone that we should treat every day as if it's Earth Day.

What do we mean by this exactly?

Well, we want to emphasize that at Paisley Lion, we do what we can to make shopping more sustainable, and you should too. Sustainable fashion, as opposed to fast fashion, is what we need to promote to help save our planet. Here at Paisle Lion, we rescue as many garments as we can, new, vintage, and even things in between. By rescuing these pieces before they end up in landfills, and reselling them on our website for new people to love and enjoy, we are increasing the longevity of these garments, and of our planet.

By shopping with us at Paisley Lion, you're helping us spread a more sustainable way of fashion.

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