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Acceptance Policy

Paisley Lion team carefully reviews every item for:

Authenticity of the product. We do not accept fakes or knock offs. 

Looks for damage under professional lighting and natural lighting. 

No scented laundry soap, no perfumes, no over powering odors, no scented dryer sheets. Our customer base includes buyers with several allergies and sensitivities. Most of our buyers prefer unscented fabric cleaning supplies. Garments that have fragrance of any sort will be automatically deemed as a damage. We must protect the safety of our buyers.

Our team checks for: stains, rips, snags, soiling, holes, discoloration, pilling, weak seams, fraying, missing buttons, broken zippers, pockets, handbag liners, missing watch batteries, shrunken fabric, fading and puckering. 

Labels and tags: Missing brand labels, cut brand labels, marker on brand labels, missing size labels. 

Vintage items: Some exceptions can be made for clothing older than the year 1999. Please avoid any major damage with vintage items.

Items that do not reach our quality standards may be returned to you at cost of shipping and handling to be deducted from your seller account. A quote will be provided to you when your damage list is emailed after processing.

We also work with local charities. If you chose to donate your damaged items you will not be charged a fee. Once we have permission to donate the items; they cannot be returned. 

 Please review our No Take List page for revised list before shipping your next order.