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Elephant Choker Necklace Beaded Cream

Elephant Choker Necklace Beaded Cream

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Our Elephants are on two levels of enchantment; the simple pendant of this new line is a cherished of our clients as well as becoming popular in their work apart from the jewelry industry. The Elephant Necklace Beaded Cream is inspired by one of the most beloved elephants in world history and will appeal to admirers of all ages.

Decade: Unknown

Signature: Unsigned


Elephant Necklace Beaded Cream

Color(s): Cream and Gold tone.

Material(s): Plastic or similar.

Elephant silhouette pendant.

Measures approximately 18 inches in length.

Elephant pendant measures 2" x 1"

Excellent pre-owned condition.

Product No: JW61-33

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